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Holistic Gamified Education


Holistic means that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.
If you think about it, almost everything can be broken down into smaller units. It is not only how each human is constructed, but actually how the whole galaxy is constructed.

Following that line of argumentation, it is actually in human nature not only to expand but to expand in every area of life.

When all areas of your life are aligned and balanced, it is as if the universe would bless you with luck.
Everything you do becomes easier, so achieving extraordinary becomes possible.
We can make a difference.


⬆️Above you see my Progress & next Level for each Area.

Each Area has 3 Sub-Areas.
Each Sub-Area has 3 associative Skills.

⬇️Below you can observe my Skills.

Airtable Features:

  •  You can try out filtering and sorting above as well as below.
  • Grouping is only below possible.
    • With it you can also collaps the groups to get a bigger picture of everything.