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The Story behind HoliGamE


Trying to reach the top of the education system since 2008

Throughout school, I always thought something was missing.
So I asked a lot of questions in order to figure that out:

  • Why do we have to learn so much about chemistry, physics, and biology?
  • Why are we learning hardly anything about nutrition, psychology, and information technology?
  • Why do we have to memorize so much instead of learning how to think?

Unfortunately, I got these answers only after I graduated.
It turns out that the education system is mostly based on the beginning of the industrial revolution and has become too slow to adapt to today's exponential growth and development.

The education system has lost its original purpose, its WHY.
So I made it my purpose to fix that. In the beginning, I thought it was going to be easy since it is so obvious that improving the education system would also improve everyone's future. 

However, I underestimated how hard it is for countries and individuals to think long term and avoid short-term distractions.

Holistic Gamification

Gamers never die, they just respawn

I can relate to the distractions well since I was constantly distracted by video games. Video games are not necessarily bad, I just did not balance them properly, and they consumed too much of my life. 

Despite that, I don't regret it because I wouldn't have learned how video games put you in a state of flow while increasing focus and creativity.

With that in mind, I asked further questions:

  • What if the education system was like a game?
  • What if every student could literally level up?
  • What if students were eager to discover more?

Thus I realized that the education system needs to be gamified, but just engagement would not be enough. 
The skills have to be complementary and cover all areas of life. The content needs to be connected while explaining that almost everything is just a part of something bigger.
In short, it needs to be holistic as well. 

Holistic gamified education has become my vision for the future. My mission is to create a system for every student, so everyone can level up and choose their unique playstyle for this game called "Life."